Simple API gateway for managing your services

Bridge the gap in your development lifecycle by routing your API calls through our gateway servers allowing for partial to fully mocked realistic stateful API responses.

Our Vision

Mockswitch is built to reduce loads of static mock data that we use to test and demo user flows. We strive to make your integrations seamless by decoupling your integration layer from your presentation layer and keep your code clean and pristine.

API Gateway

It’s fast and easy - our platform gives you reliable, controlled dynamic responses which when used with a Github connector can be used to unit test, integration and simulated performance tests.

We strive to save you time and headache integrating APIs and help you build better product.


A complete platform for API development

Bring your product to life using our end to end development platform with design of domain models, documentation, mock services, partial mocking, easy switch between real and mock services and much more!