Mock services for continuous development

Build flawless product demos and mimic user flows with controlled dynamic responses, partial mocking and easily switch between real and mock services.

Easily switch between your real and mock services

Mockswitch delivers stateful services 10x faster

Reliable integration tests across teams

Make your product shine even before your real services are built and continue using it for integration, performance tests and future enhancements.

Reduce your tech debt by 80% with our intelligent dynamic responses.

Improve maintainability of your code by reducing the sheer number of mocks your team has to manage.

Mock first approach

Make your product shine before and after your real services is built. Mockswitch brings mock services front and center which improves development lifecycle.


Mockswitch knits all the missing pieces in your developement workflow.

Product Management

Generate new ideas, faster ideation and prototype sessions, mocks to define their scenarios

Quality Assurance

Mockswitch workspaces across teams reap benefits of reliable integration testing.

Mockswitch replaces the gaps in your workflow.

It doesn't matter which stage of development lifecycle you are in.

Always on premise

Mockswitch services always run on premise as a standalone hosted servers in multiple environments or simply as an app.

Fully featured with limited endpoints version.
Download Mockswitch for Mac, Windows, Linux